About us

Sighyawn is an expression of someone who had it with the old established ways of building brands and making clothes.
We've had it with storytelling and butthole brands and retailers in the garment industry that is A. Breaking down self-esteem and selling on negative self image and, B. Making clothes under terrible conditions to workers and environment to maximize profit.

Sighyawn is driven by an ambition to create a clever young community of free youth where they form the shape and expression of the brand.

We are print driven with our merch at the core of the assortment. With workshops and collaborations we make sure the brand stands on its own though grit and the hard work of many, and never influencer driven, investment-boosted and hollow.

The customers' outward image reflects confidence and lust for life. At the same time ruthless and brave, unruly and apologetic in their approach but with a humane approach to social and environmental challenges. With a vague framework in the Dogma to lean on, we keep a certain restraint to secure authenticity to the brand but the expression will always remain organic.

Our customer, the Blunt Brigade, is humble and by nature cool. We focus on breaking down anxiety and making space for strong, independent individuals. We dont claim we are proffessionals, instead we embrace the human factor, small runs executed as amateurs with great joy. 

Doesn't matter if you are the trendsetter, the dork, the punk, the nerd, or the queen of fucking everything. We have the merch for your everyday life. Every member of the Blunt Brigade is one-of-a-kind, though they have one thing in common — the day starts with a sigh and ends with a yawn.

The Sighyawn trademark was registered in 2017 and is owned and operated by NOYOGA AB in Västberga in the southern outskirt of Stockholm, Sweden.
Our mission is to use clothing as a vessle to reach our main goal to create open-minded and free spaces for youth to meet and develop together and on their own premises, with wide spread screenprinting spaces around the globe.

Stay blunt