Our Dogma


Clothing brands are never more than its community and it should be independent of the product other than the product being the main vessel for a subject to be brought to light, a statement to be made or the uniform to connect with others under a common interest.

These are the vows we've sworn to work under and do our utmost to maintain

  1. Only work with those who wants to work with us on equal premises. Directly buying into print artworks, styling, photography, or other external content creation is not allowed. Technical advisors and consultants are however allowed and encouraged as long as they do not directly affect the expression and values of the brand community.
  2. Be naive, curious and encourage creative freedom to serve a purpose and create meaning larger than the garments. Working with amateurs, youth, disabled or in other ways limited creative people to support and evolve common interests will mean that our creative language never settles.
  3. Cherish workmanship and the values of crafts. Authenticity lies in the process behind a product. We want to constantly learn and teach the techniques of screen printing, pattern making, sewing etc by hand and we want others to learn to appreciate it. (Printing on ready made garments is still partly a craft)
  4. Never change the labels on private label garments. When we print on cheap garments the retail prices will be in relation to the buying price. Established private label brands have the advantage of customers already knowing the size and fit, they offer a wide range of colors and should be credited. When garments from another supplier is printed and sold by us under the brand name the labels in the garment will remain in the garment. 
  5. We swear that we'll always stay economically independent from external investors. Well motivated bank loans are a last resort for brand growth or to solve a temporary crisis but risk investments are not an option. If a brand cannot carry itself it has lost its right to exist. (Donations, with no strings attached, is allowed)
  6. Never spoof other brands logos, expressions or trademarks intentionally. (Making enemies is allowed, however)
  7. Personal taste and trends are subjective and authenticity always weighs heavier. If it has obviously been done before there is no purpose to make it again. Being inspired by others and repurposing old artworks, using royalty-free/non copyrighted or public domain art as foundation or just simply rip it off is, however, encouraged as long as credit is given to the source or artist (if possible).
  8. Standing points in questions such as illegal activities, the use of illegal drugs, sexual preferences, political and religious philosophy, geography, demography and cultures shall remain liberal and humane with respect paid to the subject in question. The ideas and views expressed by the brand through prints etc does not necessarily express the ideas of the brand community as a whole, but can be motivated simply by freedom of expression. Provocations and civil disobedience are encouraged to raise discussions (as long as it does not harm the already exposed). 

In addition to the eight vows above the brand swears to never buy and register a fixed logotype but always evolve our expression together with the community and the existence of the brand will not ever be dependent on licenses, registrations and products, but on the people supporting and contributing to its survival.