Sighyawn is mainly prints based and will remain so. We hand pull the screen prints on most of the garments, always with waterbased inks. 

Water based inks are clean and a lot better for the environment with the downside being that they demand proper care to stay clean.

In order for you to keep the print intact for ages, we have compiled a few tips and tricks in a section we call care at the bottom of the page.

Note that each print is unique due to the exclusive nature of hand pulled screen printing. The indexing and lining up two or more screens is no exact science. What you order may differ slightly to the product pictured but we have a low tolerance for for second choice garments so you should not be disappointed.
To stay exclusive and avoid overproduction we never do more than 10 pieces in a run. This means that we do not keep stock for size-related returns.
Please double check and make sure you order the correct size before you place the order.

If you really want to see the garment you are interested in ordering you are most welcome to chat with us to receive pictures of your specific piece before you place the order.