To get the most out of your printed garment we want you to pay some attention in order not to ruin it. We know it sucks to wash clothes but these are good general tricks to keep all your printed clothes crisp.

We never use oil based inks, like plastisol, for printing simply because its full of phthalates and PVC that is harmful to the environment. This affects the longevity of the print a little bit, if you don't care for it properly. 

    1. Turn the garment inside out before wash - Do this to prevent unnecessary damage to the print caused by the mechanical grinding in the washing machine. 
    2. Wash in cold water - Hot water tear on the garment and print a lot. The color of the garment and print will remain crisp in cold water up to maximum 40°C. It will prevent the ink from distilling, AND you will consume less electricity. 
    3. No tumble dryers - Same as above pretty much; heat is not good for the garment and in this even worse for your print. The dryer causes the print to peel and/or crack. If you really want to tumble dry, tumble dry cold and dont leave it in the machine for too long. Same goes for dry cleaners. 
    4. No ironing - The heat is mostly bad for the print. If you really need to iron your garment, use a towel to protect the print and iron on maximum 150°C (two dots). 
    5. Do not dry in direct sunlight - The sun can fade the print and the garment so its a lot safer to dry them in the shade. 
    6. Do not bleach - This one feels kind of obvious but it could also be a good idea to use milder soaps when washing. Or use bleach if you want a crazy effect but don't blame us.  
    7. Wash with similar colors - To avoid discoloration, wash all garments only with similar colors. It's also good to wash with similar texture for less wear on the print. Hoodies and jeans with zippers and buttons and shit can ruin your prints pretty good.  

Use these tricks to keep your prints crisp for a damn long time. If you have any more ideas on how to make the garments last longer? Don't hesitate to share at