Fourth new beginning

Yeah, I think we have passed our third new beginning now and this probably and hopefully wont be our last.

Re-thinking what you do and how keep you moving forward. Im probably not the only one digging deeper and deeper for a meaning to produce clothes. There is always the argument that "everyone needs clothing" but meanwhile Im in my 8 year old winter jacket, 4 year old jeans and shoes I got from a friend for helping out on a job. This is not the time to buy anything new, really.

We still gotta pay our bills and there is always that sense of community that clothes, the uniform, gives the wearer that is a value that I expect to come back strong. Sighyawn® continues to look for a fight worthwhile and we are going more into a direction of managing the brand as a customization platform and a sales channel for curated and highlighted pre-owned goods.

Screen printed deadstock is something we've done a lot before but we'll take that part further while also just adding classic band merch etc to the store when it feels like we're ready to take that step.

Lets see when it happens. Thanks